I’m not an angry 1Password customer

To clarify: the reason why I want to gather information about the 1Password total cost of ownership with subscriptions is that I want to understand the extent of the price increase (IRL I’m a Ph.D. candidate in economics, so I’m used to thinking with the help of data).

I’m always surprised by how a switch to subscription almost everytime leads to a huge shitstorm, with some very angry and vocal customers targeting their once beloved app developer. And as a social scientist, I want to understand why those shitstorms happen and what are/could be their consequences for developers, Apple, and other customers.

I think what Jim Rea suggests is a good start:

I think subscriptions in general have gotten a bad name because quite a few companies have made a big price hike at the same time that they switched to the subscription model. In some cases the software now costs the same per year that it used to cost to purchase.

Adobe, 1Password, TextExpander, and Ulysses are among those companies. This is why my previous post was about 1Password.

This shouldn’t be understood as harassment, or ranting, or whatever. For obvious reasons those companies are pretty silent on why those shitstorms happen–mostly because they have an incentive not to tell the truth, which could damage their business by undermining their reputation or the trust their customers place in them.

This is why we need independent writers like me to really understand what’s going on. And by independent I mean: Econ Tech is not funded by advertisers or “sponsors” (which is a fancy word for “advertisers”) that could be the very companies I try to analyze.

In other words: while I own two licenses of 1Password (one on macOS, one on iOS), I’m neither an angry customer nor someone ranting against them. I’m rather an economist who tries to use economics to understand what’s going on with subscriptions.

If this is something that interests you, feel free to follow Econ Tech.


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